Riding a bike to Spain? A few FAQS about driving licenses

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Valid driving licenses in Spain

carnets de extranjeros

A few FAQS about driving licenses

Appart from the Spanish driving license, you can ride your bike in Spain using a driving license that suits your motorcycle and has been issued in any country of the European Union, Liechenstein, Norway and Island. Important: you can use these driving license for a 6 month period. From then on you’ll have to apply for a spanish driving license. Please visit the following links with further info regarding how to obtain a driving license in Spain. INSCRIPCIÓN DEL PERMISO DE CONDUCCIÓN DE PAÍSES DE LA UNIÓN EUROPEA, ISLANDIA, LIECHTENSTEIN Y NORUEGA CANJE DEL PERMISO DE CONDUCCIÓN DE PAÍSES DE LA UNIÓN EUROPEA, ISLANDIA, LIECHTENSTEIN Y NORUEGA

How to validate/match a foreing driving license in Spain

In order to facilitate foreign drivers located in Spain, there are several international treatys which allow a license validation. These countries are: Argelia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Filipinas, Guatemala, Macedonia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Perú, República Dominicana, Serbia, Túnez, Turquía, Ucrania, Uruguay, Venezuela. Please visit the “Dirección General de Tráfico” website in order to obtain further info regarding driving license validation in Spain.  https:Sede.DGT.gob.esestramites-y-multaspermiso-de-conduccioncanje-de-permisos

If your license is not valid in Spain

In this case, you will need to get a spanish driving license that enables you to ride your bike. These are the different licenses:

Carnet Minimum age You can drive
AM 15yo to obtain it (18yo to ride a passenger) 2 or 3 wheel mopeds / quads.
A1 16yo 125cc bikes and scooters (15hp limit), 3 wheeled vehicles (20cv).
A2 18yo Bikes up to 48hp, or up to 96hp but mecanically/electronically limited to 48hp.
A 20yo Unlimited hp bikes. You need to be 21yo to ride unlimited 3 & 4 Wheel bikes and quads.
B 18yo to obtain it (21yo para poder llevar moto) Cars and bikes with the same limits as A1.

To obtain a driver license you will need –          To hold a residency in Spain. Or, if you’re a student, to hold any documents that show you’ll be studying in Spain for at least 6 moths.

You will need:

  • Be at least the required age for the license you’re applying to
  • No legal impediment to drive a vehicle
  • Pass a very easy psico-tecnical exam (10 minute test on a computer, available on many authorized centers, for about 50€ – Centro de Reconocimiento de Conductores): (Questions about your medical record – Blood pressure, Sight test, Reflex test, Coordination test – This test will be valid for 90 days, so remember to pass the exam before three months
  • You can choose to attend a driving school (and pass the test with their help) or just pass the examination with a rented vehicle.
  • Pass both theoretical and driving tests.

Youll need the following documents

  • Official form available at DGT (Department of Traffic) or driving schools
  • You’ll need to pay for the exams’ rate
  • Your NIE (Id card for foreigners)
  • Psico-technical exams by an authorized center
  • Fotografía actual de 32 x26 mm.
  • Written statement declaring that you’ve never been legally disabled to drive a vehicle
  • Written statement that you dont hold the same licenses you’re applying to from any European Union country

Further details on the DGT’s website (spanish Department of Traffic) https://sede.dgt.gob.es/es/tramites-y-multas/permiso-de-conduccion/expedicion/

Renewing your license in Spain

Since 2013, foreign residents in Spain must renew their foreign driving licenses with the same periodicity as Spanish licenses, once you’ve been living in Spain for two years. Driving with an expired foreign license could mean fines from 200€. Driving licenses AM. A1. A2. A and B expire every ten years. If youre 65 or older, licenses expire every 5 years.

It is very recommended that you renew your license with your countrie’s diplomatic representation (embassy or consulate) but you can renew it with your local DGT office. It will probably be more expensive or time consuming. In this case, you’ll need: –          A picture of you, signed, and recognised by your embassy/consulate –          Psico-technical exam, recognised/signed by your embassy/consulate –          Fare IV.3 (already paid) As you can see, since you have to visit your consulate/embassy, you may as well find it easier to ask them to renew your license.

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