FAQS about motorcycle and car insurance in Spain

Motorcycle Insurance is compulsory in Spain

In Spain, insurance is mandatory (you can’t ride without insurance)

According to the Law, (Ley sobre Responsabilidad Civil y seguro en la circulación de vehículos a motor – sección 1a, artículo 2): «All owners of motor vehicles normally based in Spain are obliged to conclude a contract of insurance for each vehicle that covering up the extent of the limits of insurance liability (…) However, the owner is relieved of that obligation when the insurance is arranged by any person interested in the insurance, who shall express the notion that contracts».

Insurance is mandatory

In Spain, insurance is mandatory

In short, you need insurance to ride a bike in Spain, be motorcycles, scooters or mopeds. You can’t even have a parked vehicle without insurance.

Riding without insurance may imply fines and penalties from Police and Authorities from 601 to 3005 euros. Also, the bike could be taken by the police to a vehicle deposit, and seal it from one to thirty days. Prices for daily stays at the vehicle deposits vary depending on the town you’re staying in

Also, please know that police forces check an online database, so they can check if wou drive without a spanish insurance, if it’s a spanish vehicle. If it’s foreign, they need to stop it and check out the documentation you’ll provide.

In case of an accident, riding without insurance makes you responsible of any liability claims generated. That means you’ll be held responsible and you’ll have to cover the expenses with your present and future assets.

Insurance policies in Spain usually cover up to 75MM € in case of third party liability.

 Can I ride a bike with a foreign insurance in Spain


Green Card

There is an International Insurance Certificate (commonly known as “green card”) which certifies a third party liability cover. Spain supports this international treaty, so the Green Card is valid in Spain.

You don’t need to request a Green Card if your insurance policy was issued in the European Union, Island, Norway, Switzerland, Liechenstein or Andorra, but please dont forget to carry your insurance policy with you.

If you do need a Green Card, you can ask your insurance Company to issue it for you. The Green Card is not and insurance policy in itself, it’s just a document which certifies your vehicle is insured.

Also, please know that the dates printed on the card are exactly the same as the period on your actual insurance policy.

Can I insure a foreign vehicle in Spain?

It is posible, but it is not a common task. Please phone us and we will try to help you.

Please know that in any case, you can only ride a foreign plate vehicle in Spain for a maximun of one month.

After that you can get a temporary license plate which allows you 2 further months, or, you may find it easier to get spanish license plates and then a spanish insurance (if you’re planning a longer stay).

To buy a motorcycle insurance in Spain you’ll need

  • NIE: ID for foreigners in Spain. Passport is not usually valid to buy insurance (but we can try, anyway).
  • Bike “papers”: Spanish motorcycle documents like “Ficha Técnica” and “Permiso de Circulación” are mandatory (those are technical vehicle documentation and periodic technical inspection certificates (MOT, TUV).
  • Driver´s licence
  • A spanish Bank Acount

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